• infrared end cap welder with servo
  • servo control infrared welding machine for filter end caps
  • infrared end cap welder with servo
  • servo control infrared welding machine for filter end caps

Filter End cap Full Infrared Welder

This is the infrared welder for IR heating and welding two end caps, filter inner core, and filter cartridge cage together. Suitable for PP, PES, PMMA, PFA, PTFE, PVDF, GF, etc.


Our Infrared Filter End Cap Welding Machine boasts advanced features and precise functionality, ensuring exceptional welding performance and enhanced safety.

The infrared welding machine offers a range of mold options to accommodate various end cap styles. Moreover, it features adjustable fixtures to cater to filter cartridges of varying diameters, making it a convenient and adaptable solution for filter manufacturing.

All critical parameters, including heating temperature, position, welding point, and cooling location, can be conveniently adjusted via the user-friendly touchscreen interface. This ensures precise control over the welding process, enabling seamless customization for different filter specifications.

The machine is equipped with high-precision servo motors that deliver exceptional motion control. This guarantees the utmost accuracy in the welding process, resulting in consistent and high-quality welds.

The infrared welding machine is suitable for a wide range of filter materials, including PP, PES, PMMA, PFA, PTFE, PVDF, GF, etc.

Technical Data

Model KM-HLFECI3812
Voltage 380V
Power 12KW
Motion Way Servo Control
Effective Welding Range 5-10 inches
Dimension 1760mm*1200mm*2060mm


inside servos for end cap welding machine
Rigid Structure

Four Infrared Heating Plates

This machine incorporates four distinct infrared heating plates, each with its designated purpose. Two plates are dedicated to heating the filter end caps, while the remaining two focus on heating the filter’s tail ends. This sophisticated design prevents any direct contact between the machine and the filter, minimizing the risk of scorching or damaging the filter element during the welding process.

Detailed Show

PFA Filter Cartridge End Cap Infrared Welder

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