• Filter Cartridge Fin 226 222 Adapter Welder
  • Filter Cartridge Fin 226 222 Adapter Welder

Filter Cartridge Ends Adapter 222 226 fin Welder

For interfaces and adapters of the filter cartridge end welding. The sealing and firmness of the effective filter housing after welding can be guaranteed.

Working Capacity: 2 pieces per minute.

Motion Control: Pneumatic / Servo Type

Machine Weight: About 800kg


The filter cartridge fin adapter welder has two stations for adapter welding at one time, with high production efficiency, and support customization per your detailed requirements. We use hot plate welding technology to melt the adapters and the filter outer cages, and then cool and bond together.

Motion System:

We have two types of motion systems for you to choose from: 1. Pneumatic control type; 2. Servo control type; You can choose one type from your side.

Various Adapters Support with welding molds:

The conventional adapters include the triangular tip, finned head, flat cap, DOE, SOE, 220, 222, 226 sealing ring head, M20/30, etc. Customization is available. We can design and manufacture various types of molds to adapt to your filter adapters and fins. Our molds also have specific functions to have the adapters set in place for welding.

Knmtech filtration product line includes filter paper pleating machines, filter paper middle seam welders, filter paper trimming machines, filter end cap welders, filter length connecting machines, and filter fin adapter welders. We have been in this industry for over 10 years. We are committed to providing practical solutions for your needs, feel free to contact us for more details.

Technical Data

Model KM-LXJK6820
Power 4KW
Voltage 380V
Air Pressure 5kg/c㎡
Heating Accuracy ±2℃
Temperature Range Room temperature – 400℃
Capacity 2 pieces/min
Dimension L1500*W850*1800mm
Weight about 700kg

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