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  • capsule filter welding machine
  • capsule type filter welding machine
  • hot-plate welder for capsule filter
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Capsule Filter Hot Plate Welder

This equipment is a hot plate welding machine for various capsule filter elements.

  • Versatile Capsule Filter Element Welder;
  • Efficient Welding lengths up to 10 inches;
  • Optional Automatic Lifting Door;
  • Precise Servo Control System;
  • Safety and Automatic Operation.


Our Capsule Filter Servo Welding Machine is engineered to meet the diverse demands of capsule filter element production.

Versatile Welding: This machine excels at welding a variety of capsule filter elements, offering a solution for multiple filter sizes and styles.

Extended Welding Length: With a welding range of up to 10 inches, it accommodates various filter element sizes, ensuring adaptability to your specific requirements.

Multi-Purpose Application: Not limited to one task, it’s designed for welding capsule shells to shells and shells to filter elements, offering a comprehensive solution for capsule filter manufacturing.

Customizable Features: Tailor the machine to your needs with the optional automatic lifting door. While the standard model doesn’t include this feature, it can be added for added convenience.

Precise Servo Control: Powered by a servo control mode, this machine ensures precision, accuracy, and seamless operation, elevating the quality of your filter production.

Program Versatility: Store and employ a variety of program formulas, providing flexibility and efficiency in your manufacturing processes.

Technical Data

Product Name Servo Control Capsule Filter Welding Machine
Model KM-LXNS7010
Power 5KW
Voltage 380V
Air Pressure 6kg/c㎡
Heating Accuracy ±2℃
Temperature Range Room temperature – 400℃
Capacity about 40 sec/piece
Dimension L1600*W800*1800mm
Weight about 700kg


hot plate and mold for the capsule filter welder
Rigid Structure

Intelligent operation

The capsule filter servo welding machine with a rigid structure uses hot plate welding technology, and offers a comprehensive solution, combining versatility, precision, and adaptability to enhance your capsule filter element production.

Capsule Filter Welding Machine Equipment For Food Beverage Application

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How to control the capsule filter making machine?

This machine is controlled by PLC system and movements are controlled by servo system.

What is the difference between capsule filter and cartridge filter?

Capsule filters and cartridge filters are both types of filters used in various industries for the removal of particulate matter and contaminants from liquids and gases. While they share the common goal of filtration, there are differences in their design, structure, and applications:

membrane capsule filterFilter Cartridge

  1. Design and Structure:
    • Capsule Filter: A capsule filter is a compact, enclosed filter unit that typically consists of a filter membrane encased in a plastic or metal housing. The filter medium is sealed within the capsule, and the entire unit is disposable after use.
    • Cartridge Filter: A cartridge filter is a cylindrical filter element usually made of various materials such as paper, polyester, polypropylene, or other filter media. The cartridge is contained within a housing, and it can be replaceable or cleanable for reuse.
  2. Disposable vs. Replaceable:
    • Capsule Filter: Capsule filters are often designed for single-use applications. After reaching the end of their service life or becoming clogged, the entire capsule is replaced.
    • Cartridge Filter: Cartridge filters can be designed for either disposable or replaceable use. Some cartridges are disposable, while others allow for the replacement of the filter medium, keeping the housing.
  3. Applications:
    • Capsule Filter: Capsule filters are commonly used in laboratory settings, small-scale processes, and applications where ease of use and disposability are prioritized.
    • Cartridge Filter: Cartridge filters are employed in a wide range of industrial applications, including water treatment, chemical processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and more.
  4. Sizes and Flow Rates:
    • Capsule Filter: Capsule filters are typically smaller in size and are suitable for lower flow rates compared to larger industrial processes.
    • Cartridge Filter: Cartridge filters come in a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate different flow rates and applications, from small-scale to large-scale industrial processes.
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