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  • Pleated Filter Pleating Machine
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Automatic Filter Paper Pleating Machine

The filter paper pleating machine is nice in shape and stable in quality, with lower noise and higher acceleration force, suitable for non-woven fabrics, active carbon, and multi-layer water filter materials pleating.


This filter paper pleating machine is a knife(blade) pleating machine that is equipped with four  2KW servo motors and two 0.75KW servo motors, with the brand name FUJI(from Japan). The speed reducer base is Model 120 for high-power servo motors. The whole paper pleating machine is made of steel profile, which has a nice shape and stable quality and is more stable when working at high speed, resulting in higher acceleration force and lower noise.

Preheating will be done before pleating, and the after-pleat heating bed-plate increases to double that of ordinary models, so as to make sufficient heating and forming time in low pleating height at high-speed operation. The worktable has been lengthened by 1200mm based on the previous length, which makes it more convenient to discharge and manual cutting.

The front worktable of the filter pleating machine is equipped with a safety door, which protects the operator from any injury during pleating. The pleater worktable can move up and down with a linear guide rail, so the height can be adjusted according to the different pleating heights to achieve the optimal level of pleating. A cylinder pressing device is equipped at the discharge section after pleating to make a better and smoother pleating and pinching.

This industrial pleating machine is also equipped with a monitoring system that can monitor the flatness of the pleats online before and after the pleating, which enables convenient adjustment of the parameters according to the actual situation and reduction of the waste of materials. The interface program of the filter paper pleating machine is more detailed, and memory and alarm functions are also added for customers to operate more easily.

Technical Data

Model: KMPleat6-650
Maximum Product Width: 650mm  
Adjustable pleating Height Range 5-70mm
Pleating Speed: 0-200 pleats/minute adjustable
Voltage 380V/50HZ/3 phase
Servo Motor Power 6.75KW
Preheat Power 3KW 
Temperature control range At room temperature – 200 degrees
Working pressure 0.6MPA
Machine Weight 1000kg
You can do any pleating height you want. (M type/W type and all kinds of high and low pleating)
This machine is equipped with a camera to observe the pleating status on the display screen.
A marker pen counting function is added to the machine.

Filter pleating Assembly Equipment
Pleating System

Filter Pleating With Intelligence

Equipped with Delta PLC, Taiwan Hiwin guide rail, and a 10-inch touch screen, the automatic pleating machine can automatically adjust the pleating height, and the angle of the cutting blade can be changed according to the thickness of different filter materials, without hurting the filter material, with data saving (200 sets) and alarm functions.

Filter Cartridge Paper Pleating Machine

Any Questions?

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How to pleat filter paper?

You can use the knife type pleating machine to pleat the filter paper. This pleating machine supports height adjustment for your various filter paper pleating requirements.

What shapes does the filter pleating machine produce?

As the pleat height is adjustable, this filter paper pleating machine supports common types of pleats shape,such as W type, M type, multiple layer type, and step height type, etc.

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