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Pleated Filter Cartridge Machine Manufacturer in China

  • Pleats Maker Filter Paper Pleating machine
  • Hot Melt Middle Seam Welding Machine
  • Ultrasonic Welder for Filter Element Middle Seam Welding
  • Filter Cartridge Glue and Winding Machine1
  • Filter Wrap Belt Spiral Winding Machine
  • Filter Cartridge Cutting Edge Machine from Knmtech1
  • Filter Edge Trimming Machine
  • Pleated filter cartridge Infrared Welder With Two Stations1
  • Filter Cartridge End Cap Infrared Welding Machine
  • Filter Lengthening Machine1
  • Pleats Maker Filter Paper Pleating machine
  • Hot Melt Middle Seam Welding Machine
  • Ultrasonic Welder for Filter Element Middle Seam Welding
  • Filter Cartridge Glue and Winding Machine1
  • Filter Wrap Belt Spiral Winding Machine
  • Filter Cartridge Cutting Edge Machine from Knmtech1
  • Filter Edge Trimming Machine
  • Pleated filter cartridge Infrared Welder With Two Stations1
  • Filter Cartridge End Cap Infrared Welding Machine
  • Filter Lengthening Machine1

Pleated Filter Cartridge Machine

We design and manufacture pleated filter cartridge machines from the customer’s perspective, offering a complete product line of filter manufacturing equipment to meet your diverse filtration cartridge(PP, PES, PTFE, PFA, PVDF, Nylon, Fiberglass, etc.) requirements.

  • Filter Paper Pleating Machine
  • Filter Membrane Seam Welding
  • Filter Cartridge Gluing and Winding
  • Filter Cartridge Trim Cutting
  • Filter Cartridge End Cap Welding
  • Filter Cartridge Lengthening
  • Filter Cartridge Fin Welding

Your Whole Solution of Pleated Filter Cartridge Machines

We are dedicated to providing you with tailored filter cartridge making machines that cater to your filter’s unique material and welding requirements. Our range of welding processes includes hot plate welding, hot melt welding, ultrasonic welding, infrared welding, ensuring we can meet your specific welding needs.

Our filter making machines feature both pneumatic and servo motion modules, providing you with the flexibility to choose the ideal solution for your filter production requirements. We take pride in supporting OEM collaborations, allowing you to customize our filter machines to align perfectly with your brand or project.

In this section, we showcase the machines we’ve successfully delivered to satisfied customers. If you have any unique or specific demands, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Standard Type Pleated Filter Cartridge Machine

Filter Paper Pleated Making Equipment

Suitable for non-woven fabrics, active carbon, and multi-layer water filter materials pleating.

Filter Cartridge Seam Welding Machine Hot Melt Welder

Middle seam hot melt welding machine. Suitable for PP,PES, PTFE, etc. membrane materials.

Filter Cartridge Middle Seam Ultrasonic Welding Machine2

Middle seam ultrasonic welder. Suitable for PP, non-woven membrane materials.

Servo Control Filter Cartridge Cutting Machine

This filter cartridge element trim cutting machine is equipped with rotating blades.

pleated filter trimming machine cutting edge

This filter cartridge trimming machine is used to trim both edges of the filter cartridge.

Filter Cartridge Edge Cutting Machine

This pleated filter cartridge trim cutting machine is equipped with two utility knives.

Filter End Cap Infrared Welding Machine with Two Stations1

Adopt infrared non-contact heating with two stations, suitable for PP, PES, PTFE,etc. materials.

Full Infrared (IR) Welder For Filter End Cap Welding

This is the infrared welder for welding two end caps, the inner core, and the filter cage together.

Servo Control Hot Plate Lengthening Machine for Filter Cartridge

Filter cartridge lengthening machine with hot plate welding technology.

Servo Control Glue Winding Machine For Filter Cartridge

Mainly used for belt winding and gluing onto the filter element…

Hydraulic Oil Filter Wrap Belt Spiral Winding Machine

For manufacturing high-flow hydraulic oil filters, Pall filters…

Filter Cartridge Glue Seam Machine LeftSide

Mainly used for gluing and seaming the pleated filter membrane,with speed and length adjustable.

Servo Control Infrared End Cap Welding Machine For Pleated Filter Cartridge

Adopt infrared non-contact heating, mainly used for filter cartridge membrane and end caps welding.

Pleated Filter Cartridge Lengthening Machine Pneumatic Type

For Lengthening 10-inch filter cartridge into the length of 20 inches, 30 inches, 40 inches, etc.

Pleated Filter Cartridge Fin 226 222 Adapter Welding Machine

For interfaces and adapters 222 226 flat covers of the pleating filter cartridge end welding.

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Why Knmtech Your Prime Choice for Pleated Filter Cartridge Machine?

Innovation. Knmtech R&D and marketing staff to constantly explore new applications in the field of filter cartridge making machines, and the importance of team spirit.

Good components. We believe that the foundation of exceptional performance and longevity lies in the materials we use. With a commitment to excellence, our products are crafted with precision and durability in mind.

Free Technical Inquiry. We understand the importance of clear and comprehensive guidance when it comes to our machinery. Our team of experts is here to provide you with valuable insights and support, ensuring that you get the most out of our products.

Free test. We gladly receive samples from our customers and offer complimentary testing services. We also extend a warm invitation to customers to visit our company for experiments.

Individual Customization. We are capable of tailoring products to meet your specific needs and provide OEM services as well.

Knmtech Pleated Filter Cartridge Machine
Your Reliable Filter Cartridge Machine Supplier

Explore our advanced factory where quality and innovation blend seamlessly.

Factory Show of Knmtech

Pleated Filter Making Process and Recommended Machines For Your Reference

Filter cartridge making machine production line is for liquid pleated filter cartridges.

The detailed cartridge filter manufacturing process includes:

Step 1: Filter Pleated Paper Production Produce the pleated paper filter by the filter pleating machine, the filter is pleated to increase surface area and density, allowing it to filter more particles.

Pleated Filter Folding Case3

Step 2: Filter Paper Middle Seam Welding Weld the filter paper middle seam with the hot melt welder with no need for any other adhesives or stickers.

Filter Membrane Middle Seam Welding Method

Step 3: Filter Paper Length Cutting/Trimming Trim the filter paper edges and length to get the right size before putting it into the filter outer cage.

Filter Element Edge Cutting case2

Step 4: Filter Cartridge Parts Assembling Put the trimmed filter paper with the inner core inside into the filter outer cage.

Filter Paper into Outer Cage

Step 5: Filter End Cap Welding Weld the filter paper, filter cage, and filter end caps on both ends together to get a filter cartridge.

Filter End Cap Welding

Step 6: Filter Length Connecting When we need 20/30/40 inches long pleated filter cartridge, we need to connect the 2/3/4 10-inch filter cartridges together to get the size we want.

Filter Length Connectting

Step 7: Filter End Cover Adapter Welding Weld the end cover adapter to the filter cartridge to adapt to various filtration systems.

The end cover adapters include fin, SOE, DOE, 215, 220, 222, 226, M20, M25, M30, etc.


Recommended Filter Production Line Machines For You

  1. Filter Knife Pleating Machine  For paper pleating of the filter cartridge.
  2. Hot Melt Filter Middle Seam Welder For welding the middle seam of the filter paper.
  3. Filter Cartridge Element Trim Cutter For trimming the edges of the filter paper to prepare for the next step.
  4. Filter End Cap Infrared Welding Machine For welding the two end caps of the filter cartridge.
  5. Filter Length Connecting Machine For connecting 10-inch filters together to get the size you need.
  6. Filter End Cover Welder For welding the end covers of the filter cartridge.

Filter Product Line Machines

For your detailed budgets and product requirements, please contact us directly for a tailored solution.

What are the pleated filter materials?

The pleated filter cartridge consists of the filter outer cage, support part, filter membrane, and filter inner core. The common pleated filter membrane materials include PP, PES, PVDF, PTFE, PFA, fiberglass, Nylon, etc.

Are pleated filters reusable?

Depends on the filter materials. Generally, pleated filters are not intended for repeated use, especially in applications where they are exposed to high levels of contaminants. The pleats in these filters provide a large surface area for effective filtration, and over time, they can become clogged with particles, reducing their efficiency.

There are some specialized pleated filters designed for reuse, these filters are typically made from materials that can withstand cleaning processes, such as polyester or other synthetic materials. But please keep in mind that even washable pleated filters have a limited number of cleaning cycles before they may need replacement.

What is the main advantage of a pleated filter?
  • Increased Surface Area: Pleated filters enhance surface area for filtration, ensuring optimal particle capture without compromising airflow, resulting in an extended lifespan.
  • Reduced Pressure Drop: These filters provide lower resistance to airflow, leading to reduced pressure drop and, consequently, lowered filtration costs.
  • Enhanced Dirt Holding Capacity: The pleated design allows for a higher capacity to hold dirt, minimizing the frequency of cartridge replacements and contributing to cost savings.
  • Improved Particle Removal Efficiency: Pleated filters exhibit increased efficiency in removing particles, ensuring a cleaner and more purified filtration process.
  • Higher Loading Capacity: The design of pleated filters allows them to handle a higher load of contaminants, maintaining efficiency even in challenging operating conditions.
  • Greater Durability: Pleated filters are known for their durability, providing a longer service life and increased resilience in diverse environmental conditions.
  • Superior Filtration Efficiency: Overall, pleated filter cartridges deliver superior filtration efficiency, making them a reliable choice for various industrial and environmental applications.
What is the use of pleated filter?

The pleated filter is a filter cartridge with a pleated structure filter medium. Pleated filters find applications in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, microelectronics, semiconductors, water, oil, food, beverage, etc.

What is a code 3 filter?

Code 3 filter is the pleated filter that uses a 222 adapter(with two 222 ‘O’ rings) at the open end and a flat blanking cap at the closed end. This type of filter is widely used in liquid industry filtration.

Pleated Filter Cartridge Code 3

What is a code 7 filter?

Code 7 filter is the pleated filter that uses a 226 adapter(with two 226 ‘O’ rings) with a double bayonet fitting at the open end and a fin at the closed end.

Pleated Filter Cartridge Code 7

What is the difference between a media filter and a pleated filter?

Media filters and pleated filters are two types of filters commonly used in various industrial applications. The main differences between them lie in their construction and filtration capabilities:

Media FilterPleated Filter Cartridge Code 3

  1. Construction:
    • Media Filter: A media filter typically consists of a flat or extended surface composed of a filtering media, which can be fiberglass, polyester, cotton, or other materials. The filter media is contained within a frame or cardboard box.
    • Pleated Filter: A pleated filter, on the other hand, has a design that includes pleats or folds in the filter media. Pleated filters are often made with materials like polyester or synthetic blends.
  2. Surface Area:
    • Media Filter: Media filters generally have a flat or extended surface, providing a relatively larger surface area for filtration.
    • Pleated Filter: Pleated filters leverage the pleats to increase the surface area significantly compared to a flat media filter of the same size.
  3. Filtration Efficiency:
    • Media Filter: Media filters can vary in filtration efficiency depending on the type of media used. They are available in a range of efficiencies, including basic, standard, and high-efficiency options.
    • Pleated Filter: Pleated filters often offer higher filtration efficiencies compared to flat media filters. The pleats provide more opportunities for capturing and retaining particles.
  4. Resistance to Airflow:
    • Media Filter: Flat media filters generally have lower resistance to airflow, which means they may allow for better airflow through the system.
    • Pleated Filter: While pleated filters can have higher filtration efficiencies, they may also have higher resistance to airflow due to the increased density of pleats.
  5. Application:
    • Media Filter: Media filters are commonly used in residential HVAC systems and light commercial applications.
    • Pleated Filter: Pleated filters are used in both residential and commercial HVAC systems. They are often preferred in applications where higher filtration efficiency is required.
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