• PP Meltblown Filter Cartridge Machine
  • PP MeltBlown Filter Cartridge
  • Meltblown Filter Making Machine
  • Meltblown Filter Machine Heat Gun
  • PP MeltBlown Filter Cartridge Cutter
  • Filter Making Machine Mold
  • PP Meltblown Filter Cartridge Machine Cables
  • PP MeltBlown Filter Cartridge With Flat Smooth Surface
  • PP Meltblown Filter Cartridge Machine
  • PP MeltBlown Filter Cartridge
  • Meltblown Filter Making Machine
  • Meltblown Filter Machine Heat Gun
  • PP MeltBlown Filter Cartridge Cutter
  • Filter Making Machine Mold
  • PP Meltblown Filter Cartridge Machine Cables
  • PP MeltBlown Filter Cartridge With Flat Smooth Surface

Melt Blown Filter Cartridge Machine

Our melt-blown automatic production line realized continuous production of melt-blown filters, which has greatly reduced the consumption of raw materials.

  •  Energy-effective  The total power for the air heater is 10kw, and only 6kw can be used for production, which has greatly reduced the production cost.
  • Excellent structure Perfect machine structure design, equipped with famous brands of components. higher quality mould design and construction
  • High reliability of the fibre quality is maintained. The overall temperature is stable, while the other temperature fluctuation is about 10℃. The mould is made with high precision and high uniformity, which can guarantee the high quality of the fibres, thus having increased the product quality.


The melt-blown filter cartridge machine employs a melt-blown process. Microfibers are shaped into a coreless cylinder using a specialized collection device. Through precise process adjustments, both fiber diameter and density can be varied, resulting in a range of filter cartridge products with diverse filtration performances. It achieves the automated production of melt-blown cartridges and enables the continuous production of filter cartridges of unlimited length, significantly reducing raw material consumption.


  1. The auto-feeding system sucks the food-class PP beads into the Extruder;
  2. The extruder heats and melts the PP beads into liquid;
  3. The roots blower delivers the compressed air into the heating oven to be heated up to 230 ℃;
  4. The pressure of the heated air shoots the liquid PP from the nozzle(designed with hundreds of small pores) and blows it into a threadlike thing called PP threads, which is delivered to the screw rod on the receiving cart, and the screw rod rotates continuously to form the filter;
  5. The filter goes away from the screw rod gradually and goes close to the automatic cutting machine;
  6. The automatic cutting machine can be adjusted to cut at any length per customer’s needs.

Main Parts of the Machine:

Components Quantity
Auto feeding system 2
Extruder 2
Extrusion moulds 2
Receiving cart 1
Cutting machine 1
Electrical cabinet 1
Heating Oven 2
Mould cleaning and drying oven 1
Roots blower 2



Technical Data

Frequency 50/60Hz
Voltage 380V/220V
Total Power 30-35KWH/65KW
Blower Power 11KW
Filter Length 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”, etc.
Filter Inner Diameter 28 – 120mm(Customized)
Filter Outer Diameter 34 – 200mm(Customized)
Filter Micron 1 – 200μm
Filter Capacity 3500-4800 pcs/24 hours
Room Temperature Suggest 10 to 25 °C recommended. We have solutions even if temperature exceeds
Weight 1.5-3 tons
Surface Smooth, Orange Peel, grooving, Press line, Dotted, Logo, etc.


Melt Blown Filter Smooth Surface Tool
Receive Rod Tool

Customization Available

We can design the receive rod tool to customize the formed melt-blown filter surface per your requirements, from orange peel, grooving, press line, dotted, logo, and smooth, etc. Our melt-blown filter machine features easy operation, high output, and low energy consumption, producing high-quality filters with reliable performance.

Melt Blown Filter Making Machine

Any Questions?

We are always here for you, just feel free to contact us.

Why there are two sets of entruders for the melt blown filter making machine?

Generally, our customers need the melt-blown filter making machine to produce 10-inch filters. If there is only one extruder, the plastic threads are not enough. If your product is very small, then one extruder is OK. If your product is 30 or 40 inches, then we recommend adding one more extruder or even more.

Is this a fully automatic Melt Blown Filter Cartridge Machine?

The machine works automatically, but operators are still needed to adjust the position and rotation speed. So every time the machine reopens to work, operators need to make some adjustments.

Why the total power of the Melt Blown Filter Cartridge Machine is so huge?

Our machine contains several parts to ensure fast production and good-quality melt-blown filters, and the heating system and blowing systems can achieve precise temperature control. Under normal working situation, the machine will only reach maximum power for about half an hour after it is turned on, and then the power will drop. So do not worry about energy consumption. Once you put our machine in your production scene, you will find our machine is actually energy-saving.

What is a melt blown polypropylene filter?

Meltblown filters are cylindrical filters made of the finest polymer fibers that are produced by melt blowing making machine, the most common material primarily from polypropylene material. Melt-blown polypropylene filters are valued for their ability to achieve high filtration efficiency and are widely used in various industries where fine particle filtration is essential.

Application areas of the melt blown PP filters:

Air filtration applications:

  • Used as the main filtration component in air purifiers;
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems;
  • filter the air in industrial applications;
  • Used in some medical devices, particularly in operating rooms and cleanrooms;
  • For indoor atmospheres for offices and commercial spaces.

Liquid filtration applications:

  • Filtration for Clean and Wastewater Purification
  • Prefiltration in Desalination Processes
  • Pre-Filtration in Industrial Water Treatment Systems
  • Filtration in Photographic Liquid Processing
  • Applications in Chemical Filtration
  • Utilized in Textile Printing Inks and Specialty Coatings
What is the difference between the melt blown and string wound filter cartridge?

Melt-blown filter cartridges and string wound filter cartridges are two distinct types of filtration media, each with its own characteristics.


Generally, the melt blown filter cartridge uses plastic PP particles, and the string wound filter cartridge uses textile fiber yarn.


The melt blown filter cartridges are made by PP heating, melting, extruded from the mold, blowing,  receiving, and shaping of the melt blown filter making machine, and then end cap welding by melt blown filter end cap welder.

The string wound filter cartridges are made by weaving yarn around a skeleton.

Filtration Efficiency:

Generally, the melt blown filter cartridge provides a higher filtration efficiency due to the fine fibers and the random structure, effectively capturing smaller particles.

The string wound filter cartridge offers effective filtration for larger particles but may have slightly lower efficiency compared to melt-blown cartridges.


The melt blown filter cartridges are commonly used for applications requiring high-efficiency filtration, such as in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and electronics industries.

The string wound filter cartridges are suitable for general-purpose filtration in residential, industrial, and commercial settings, where the removal of larger particles is sufficient.


The melt blown filters are slightly more expensive due to the manufacturing process and higher filtration efficiency.

The string wound filters are slightly cost-effective, making them a popular choice for standard filtration needs.


When you choose the two filter cartridges industries, just depends on the specific filtration requirements, efficiency needs, and the nature of the particles to be filtered by your customers.

For filter cartridge making machine details, feel free to consult us for professional suggestions.

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