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Experience the pinnacle of filter production with our range of high flow filter cartridge manufacturing equipment. Designed to meet the demands of manufacturing large-diameter filter cartridges, our machines include the filter membrane seam welding machine, filter cutting machine, filter end cap welding machine, filter lengthening machine, and filter interface connector machine.

Our equipment is crafted to perfection, ensuring precision and reliability in every aspect of filter core production. Whether you’re manufacturing high flow pleated filter cartridges for renowned brands like 3M, Parker, and Pall, or customizing for specific dimensions, we’ve got you covered.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we offer the flexibility of choosing between pneumatic and servo motion systems. We offer two options: hot plate welding and infrared welding to empower you to select the method that best suits your filter material, this adaptability allows you to tailor the equipment to your specific production needs, ensuring seamless performance.

High Flow Pleated Filter Cartridge Machine

High Flow Filter Cartridge Middle Seam Welder

15kHz 4200W ultrasonic welding high flow filter cartridge pleated folded paper.

High Flow Filter Element Cutting Machine

360-degree double-rotating cutting, used to cut both ends of the filter paper evenly.

High Flow Filter End Cap Infrared welding Equipment Servo Motion System

Used for welding the winding filter cartridge and end caps. Servo motor motion system.

High Flow Filter End Cap Hot Plate Welding Machine Pneumatic Control

Used for welding the winding filter cartridge and end caps. Pneumatic type motor motion system.

High Flow Filter Cartridge Lengthening Machine

Connecting 2/3/4 short filter to the longer filter cartridges, widely for liquid pleated filter cartridges.

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High Flow Filter Cartridge Making Process

1. Use the filter pleating machine to create pleats in the filter membrane of the filter cartridge.
2. Use the middle seam welding machine to weld the filter core’s paper seam.
3. Use the filter cutting machine to trim the edges of the filter core membrane.
4. Use the end cap welding machine to weld the two end caps of the filter core of the filter cartridge.
5. Use the lengthening machine to extend the filter core from 10 inches to lengths such as 20 inches, 30 inches, 40 inches, etc. according to your detailed requirements.
6. Use the filter interface connector machine to weld an interface to one end of the filter cartridge.

The machines used in the manufacturing process and their operation methods will be adjusted according to your specific requirements.

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