Code 7 226 pleated filter cartridge and production details

Code 7 filter cartridges adopt two 226 o-rings on the one side, and a fin on the opposite side.

It is widely used in many critical filtration industries such as beverages, pharmaceuticals, beer, etc.

Code 7 Filter cartridge Production

How to produce the code 7 filter cartridge?

Step 1: Use the filter pleating machine to make pleated filter media and filter membrane;

paper pleating machine

Step 2: Use the Hot melt welding machine or ultrasonic welder for the middle seam welding;

hot melt welding machine for filter element seam

Step 3: Use the hot plate welding machine or infrared welding machine for the end cap welding;

hot-plate welder for capsule filterInfrared End Cap Welding Machine For Pleated Filter

Step 4: Use the hot plate welding machine or infrared welding machine for the filter adapter welding.

Filter Cartridge Fin 226 222 Adapter Welder

For 20’’, 30’’, and 40’’ filter cartridges, use the length connecting machine for filter cartridge lengthening.

Pleated Filter Cartridge Lengthening Machine Pneumatic Type

Knmtech has been in water filtration production for over 10 years. We adopt hot plate welding, infrared welding, and ultrasonic welding technologies integrated with pneumatic and servo motion systems to give tailored solutions for our precious clients.

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