Choosing Your Pleater: A Guide to Knife and Rotary Pleating Machine Differences

In the field of pleated filter cartridge elements, the pleating machine is an important part of the production of pleated filter elements. So what is pleating? Machine pleating is a precise and efficient technique used to create beautiful and uniform pleats in filter media. With the help of our specialized pleating machines, filter paper is folded and pressed in a controlled manner, resulting in evenly spaced and crisp pleats.

The pleated filter cartridges used in the field of liquid treatment usually need a knife pleating machine to fold the filter membrane, while the pleated filter elements used for air filters usually require a rotary pleating machine to fold the filter paper. So why on earth should we choose a different pleating machine? What are the differences between these two machines?

  1. The Structure of The Pleating Machine

Firstly, knife pleating machines often have larger and more layers of material racks. This is because many knife pleating machines need to pleat three layers of material at the same time. The rotary pleating machine uses roller teeth to perform the pleating operation and can only fold a single layer of material, so there is no need for multi-layer material racks.

Secondly, the rotary pleating machine needs a water steam device to increase the flexibility of the filter paper material and prevent the filter paper material from breaking during the pleating process. Also, generally, knife pleating machines do not need to use steam devices. An embossing device may be added to the rotary pleating machine according to needs, but there is basically no such requirement for knife pleating machines.

paper pleating machine

The knife type pleating machine

Air filter paper pleating machine

The rotary type pleating machine

  1. Pleating Products that Produced

From the perspective of the products they produce, their pleating effects are different. Knife pleating machines can produce three-layer pleated filter media, while rotary pleating machines can only produce single-layer pleated filter media. The knife pleating machine can make M-type, and W-type filter media with different heights by continuously adjusting the depth of the knife. The rotary pleating machine is only suitable for pleating filter media with uniform pleat height.

From the perspective of the materials they are suitable for pleating, the two machines are suitable for pleating different materials. The knife pleating machine can not only pleat paper but also pleat soft materials such as non-woven fabrics. The rotary pleating machine can only pleat uncured paper and cannot fold soft materials.

Filter Paper PleatingFilter Pleating Case1

Ultimately, the differences between the two pleating machines are due to differences in pleating processes. The knife pleating machine is more flexible in controlling the depth of the knife and is convenient for pleating multiple layers of filter cloth at the same time. However, the rotary pleating machine is limited by the teeth on the roller that cannot be flexibly controlled and it cannot fold soft materials, so it can only pleat a single layer of uncured paper. But when it comes to rapidly pleating filter paper with even height, rotary pleating machines have advantages. Although the rotary pleaters are not adjustable with regard to pleat sizes, the pleat size can be changed by changing the set of pleating rollers. Rollers are available in various sizes and can accommodate a pleat size.

Whether you want to know about a knife pleating machine that pleats three-layer filter media or a rotary pleating machine that makes HDAF filter elements, I believe our machines will definitely satisfy you. We provide customized services, taking your actual needs into full consideration and giving you the best solution. In addition, if you want to produce HVAC filters, you can also consult us about star pleating machines.

Filter Product Line Machines

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