Advantages of Infrared Welding Machine for filter cartridges

Our Infrared heating welding machine for filter cartridges uses infrared welding technologies to weld the end caps of the filter cartridge modules. It is widely applied for welding materials such as PP, PES, PMMA, PFA, PTFE, PVDF, GF, etc.

Filter Cartridge End Cap IR welding machine's advantages

Technical Paratemters:

Voltage 380V 50HZ
Air Pressure 4-6Kg/c㎡
Work Current 40 A
Heating Accuracy ±2℃
Temperature Range Room temperature – 600­°C
Weld materials PP, PES, PMMA, PFA, PTFE, PVDF, GF, etc.
Capacity About 2 pieces/min
Dimension L1950*W1100*H1900
Weight about 850 KG


Touch screen+PLC: Delta
Circuit breaker: LG
Temperature controller: Winpark
Solid-state relay: Shimaden
Guiderail, guide block: Hiwin
Auxiliary electrical parts: IDEC
Pneumatic components: AirTAC
Protection shield: Europe standard profile+ transparent organic glass
Mechanical parts:  #45 steel (electro-plated)
Filter fixtures: Aluminum 6061 (anodized)

The infrared welder for filter cartridges presents several significant advantages in the welding process:

1. Non-Contact Radiant Heating Technology: This innovative technology allows for non-contact, radiant heating of plastic materials. It ensures a gentle, yet highly efficient method of welding, without the need for direct contact with the material.

2. High Thermal Efficiency: Infrared heating boasts an exceptional thermal conversion rate, surpassing traditional hot plate heating by up to 50%. This results in significantly lower operating costs and substantial energy savings, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective manufacturing process.

3. Rapid Heating Stability: Even in situations where heating is not continuous, our machine maintains stable thermal radiation output within 2 seconds. This feature ensures a consistent and reliable welding process, crucial for high-quality filter cartridge production.

4. Smooth and Consistent Welding: Infrared heating technology creates a smoother and more uniform melting surface for plastic materials. The welds are characterized by their exceptional consistency and integrity, ensuring the long-lasting performance of filter cartridges.

Filter Cartridge End Cap Welding example

5. Adjustable Heating Temperature: Our machine allows for precise temperature adjustments through a user-friendly touchscreen panel. This flexibility is essential for accommodating different material requirements and ensuring optimal welding results.

6. Extended Filter Lifespan: Filter cartridges welded with infrared heating enjoy a longer lifespan compared to those produced using traditional hot plate welding techniques. This not only reduces replacement costs but also enhances the reliability of filtration systems.

7. Improved Production Efficiency: The use of infrared heating eliminates the need for regular cleaning of hot plates, streamlining the production process.

8. Simplified Welding Procedure: Infrared heating simplifies the welding procedure, making it more straightforward and efficient, saving valuable time and reducing the potential for errors.

9. Precision and Aesthetics: Infrared heating ensures the welding process meets high air tightness, welding standards, and aesthetics, resulting in filter cartridges that not only perform exceptionally but also maintain a polished and professional appearance.

These advantages make our infrared welding machine for filter cartridge end caps an ideal choice for manufacturers seeking precision, efficiency, and superior results in filter cartridge production.


Filter End Cap Infrared Welder Processing Show:

The Wear Parts of The Infrared Welder Show:


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