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Manufacturing of Filter Production Equipment
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Knmtech Factory Filter Machine

About Knmtech

For over a decade, knmtech have been dedicated to the production equipment for membrane cartridge filters and continuously developed the latest technologies, keeping its equipment at the forefront in the domestic market.We specialize in manufacturing various equipment, including filter cartridge hot-melt welding machines, filter cartridge servo infrared welding machines, filter cartridge cutting machines, filter cartridge wrap belt spiral winding machines, hot plate welding machines, filter bag and filter membrane ultrasonic welding machines, spin welding machines, filter cartridge servo winding machines, as well as non-standard automation equipment.
We are committed to providing practical solutions and sharing the most advanced products and process technologies for our customers all around the world.

Provide Filter Welding Solutions for Your Project

Our new filter welding equipment greatly improves welding accuracy and stability. Most machines support the storage of multiple formula programs, making it convenient for you to switch between welding multiple products. The machine can also be customized according to your specific needs, such as working station, size, motion control method, heating method, speed, formula, etc. Characteristic operation, striving for excellence, providing you with full-process services such as design, installation, debugging, product matching, etc.

Our Machine Advantages
Filter Machine Assembly from Knmtech

Crafting Trustworthy machine with Unwavering Precision

We take pride in our meticulous approach to manufacturing filter making machines line. Every step in the production process is carried out with unwavering attention to detail, reflecting our commitment to excellence. From the selection of materials to the final assembly, our team is driven by the pursuit of precision and quality. When you choose our filter production line machines, you’re not just choosing a product; you’re choosing a partner in quality.

Our Advantages

quality Control
Quality Control

Knmtech stands by the client’s side to see the importance of the quality and tries our best to provide the best quality products.

Customized Service
Customized Service

Knmtech provides rapid and professional technical services and customized products.

innovation icon
Continuous Innovation

Knmtech has an experienced R&D team exploring and designing more efficient Filter Equipments for different applications.

Latest News

Advantages of Infrared Welding

A new technology for non-contact radiation heating plastic welding using infrared light!

Principle Of Hot Plate Welding Machine

Hot plate welding machines can be used in many places, so what is the principle?

Infrared-Welding-Machine-Servo-Control-Type-Horizontal-type VS vertical type_

Vertical type infrared end cap welders were once a common design in the industry, but in comparison to the horizontal type IR welders, they present several limitations.

Filter Cartridge Membrane Middle Seam Welding Method1

We have ultrasonic welding and hot melt welding for filter membrane middle seam, here are suggestions for you to choose the right welding way.

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